Electrical FAQs 

Find Answers to Your Most Common Questions

Nextdoor Electric offers dependable, honest electrical service that is individualized to the requirements of each customer. Our technicians are highly skilled and trained to deliver superior quality workmanship and an exceptional customer experience. We provide the advice you need, answer your questions, and leave your house as clean as we found it. 

Please call Nextdoor Electric at (832) 841-3889 for reliable advice and answers to your questions about any of our services. 

  • General Questions

    • Do you offer warranties?

      A warranty offers protection and peace of mind. At Nextdoor Electric, we offer a 3-year warranty on labor and parts that we supply. If the customer has their own item that needs to be installed, such as a chandelier or light fixture, we warranty our labor only.

    • How much do you charge for electrical services?

      The cost of electrical service varies, depending on the work that is needed and the size of the job. We charge by the job, not by the hour, and free estimates are available. When the work is finished, you will pay only the quoted price. In addition to our competitive prices, we offer a 10% discount for military and senior citizens.

    • Can I just install my own light fixtures and switches?

      Although handy homeowners are often able to save money by performing repairs around the house, a professional electrician should always handle electrical work. A mistake in wiring or installing a new ceiling fan or light fixture can cause damage to the fixture, your electrical system, and increases the risk of an electrical fire. When the work is done by a professional, you know it will meet all current electrical and building codes.

    • Is Nextdoor Electric licensed?

      Yes, we have licensed, insured, and experienced technicians to deliver quality service that meets every expectation.

    • What are GFCI outlets and why do I need them?

      Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets are designed to automatically stop power to an outlet when an electrical fault is detected. These outlets are required on all bathroom and exterior receptacles, kitchen countertops, and anywhere that water fixtures are found. Older homes may not have GFCI outlets. Installing them protects against electric shock.

    • When should I call for electrical repairs?

      A malfunction in the electrical system can affect the whole system and put you at risk of electrical shock or electrical fires. For this reason, it is best to call for professional electrical troubleshooting whenever you notice something out of the ordinary.

      Call for repair service when you notice:

      • A dead outlet
      • Flickering lights
      • Breakers that keep tripping
      • Buzzing noises from switches or outlets
      • Higher than normal electric bills